Subash Group of Institutions is running its own campus hostel facility for the students for all course. Hostel facility is available separately for boys and girls.

Other Facilities

Sports and Recreational Facilities : The Institution is having both indoor as well as the outdoor sports and recreational facilities for the students. The required infrastructure and support shall be provided to the students to encourage them in the interested areas of skills and sports.

Transportation : The institution backed with its own transportation facility for the students to support during their academic courses.

Library : Pertaining to the academic syllabus prescribed by the affiliated authorities all types of books are available for the students reference. And also journals, news papers are subscribed to support the students periodically.

Computer Lab : The institution is having well equipped computer lab for the students with internet facilities.

Student Health Programme : A comprehensive health programme is available to all students. The preventive health programmes include physical examination, routine laboratory test and immunizations to maintain immunity.

  • The students who wish to get the admission for the hostel are required to follow the prescribed procedure of the hostel administration.
  • Hostel equipped with basic amenities like drinking water, hygienic food section, dinning room and mess facility.
  • All the resident students of the hostel are directly under the supervision and in charge of hostel or warden. The hostel authorities have every right to inspect at all reasonable time and to check the rooms and belonging of the students.
  • All the students are required to follow the hostel policies, disciplinary rules and time table.
  • Visitors are allowed only on Sunday between 3 pm to 5 pm
  • No students are allowed to stay outside the hostel without prior permission from the hostel authority and informing their parents/guardians.
  • No outsiders are allowed to stay in the hostel for any and all reasons.
  • Alcohols, cigarette and drugs are strictly prohibited by the hostel authority
  • In the event of violation of any hostel rules and regulation, and if the student found guilty on the grounds of behavior and discipline, the hostel authority shall terminate those students from the hostel with immediate effect.
  • The hostel fees and Mess fees has to be paid on or before of 5th of every month.
  • Non payment of hostel fees for two consecutive months shall be treated as elimination from the hostel